Iwaya Inn in Iwaya Inn, which has been supporting history for 350 years, welcomes you with all your heart.

Nakasendo Fukushimajuku Kisoji no Yado Iwaya, located in the center of Nakasendo Fukushimajuku,
This is a long-established ryokan in Kisoji, which has continued for more than Kisoji years since the Edo period.

Ten and people of one set thing Miyake (imperial family), literati, received numerous your stay to celebrities, et al.,
We have been patronized by everyone traveling.

Please heal the tiredness of your trip with the hospitality that has been passed down from ancient times and the dishes with all your heart.
I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

Service Manager Chikayo Kono

Information of sale

  • Information on the "National Travel Support" Campaign

    *Since the number is limited, it will end as soon as the upper limit is reached.

    ■Target period
    Until your stay on March 30 (Thursday)
    (*For detailed conditions such as reservation date, please check the Shinshu Wari HP.)

    ■Discount terms(Items to be presented on the day of check-in)
    ① "Certificate of vaccination (3 doses completed)" or "Negative certificate (*)"
    (*PCR test:within 4 days,Antigen test:Laboratory test within 2 days)
    ②"ID card"(To confirm your address)
    *Must be presented by all participants(No children under 12 years old required)

    ■How to use
    ・The reservations through the official website
    Discount at the time of payment
    ・Reservations from other reservation sites
    It is different for each reservation site.Please check each reservation site for the operation method
  • "Accommodation discount for Nagoya City" 2,000 yen discount per person!

    ●Target person
    Nagoya citizens, or those whose office / school is in Nagoya city
    ●Accommodation period
    ~March 31, 2023
    ●Discount amount
    2,000 yen discount per person per night(Elementary school students and above)
    (*upper limit:Up to 6 people per group, up to 2 nights per person)
    ●Discount method
    It is necessary to apply directly to the "Kiso Ontake Tourism Bureau" from the customer himself / herself at least 7 days before the accommodation date.
    Please bring the "accommodation subsidy ticket" on the day
    Discount at the time of local payment "Only local payment is possible (advance payment is not possible)"

    Can be used with Shinshu Discount
    For details, please check the Kiso Ontake Tourism Bureau website, our plan, or contact the Tourism Bureau directly.

    "Kiso Ontake Tourism Bureau"

Hotel Facilities

  • lobby"Shukuba-dori Street"

    In the lobby that imitates the Shukuba-dori Street, we are exhibiting the history of staying by the people of the Miyake Miyake (imperial family)
  • Front desk

    A front desk with lights under the eaves roof.
  • shop"Komakusa"

    We have a selection of Kisoji masterpieces.Please feel free to drop by.
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Hotel Name



5169 Fukushima, Kiso Town, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes walk from JR Kiso Fukushima Station / 3 minutes by taxi / Immediately after getting off at the "Honmachi" bus stop
There is a shuttle bus(Advance reservation required)
Free parking for 15 cars
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Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.